Health Restrictions

There are no health restrictions that wouldn’t apply to driving a vehicle on a dirt road really fast. This is fun from 8 – 80 years old but with lots of bumps and jumps we wouldn’t recommend this if you are pregnant.


There are no cancellations within 48 hours of your tour, however we will always work with you to reschedule should something come up at the time of your tour.


We run tours in ALL weather events! Weather in the days prior will determine the experience you have on your buggy tour. The farm is a typical Australia farming operation and it can be dry and dusty or if it has been raining there will be mud and slides on your tour. Either way you will get dirty on your tour so dress appropriately (see questions below)

Are the vehicles hard to drive?

The buggies are performance machines and have an automated drive that allows you to go through different speeds without changing gears. The buggies are capable of 0 – 80km in around 4 seconds so they can really get around the paddock and obstacles quickly however you don’t have to drive that fast.

Can we take passengers?

Minimum age for passengers is 8 years old. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Driver restrictions?

The driver must be over 16 years old, AND hold a valid learners drivers license.

What is provided?

All clothing is cleaned thoroughly after use or is yours to take at the end

  • Training – you will be taught by our trained professionals in how to handle the vehicles
  • Helmets – you can bring your own if it meets Australian Standards
  • Goggles
  • Balaklava’s – due to Covid 19 these must be worn under our helmets. They are available to purchased in store for $10 each
  • Gloves – due to Covid 19 these must be worn to prevent contact with our buggy's. They are available to be purchased in store for $20 a pair

What to bring?

  • Appropriate proof of age & address
  • Enclosed footwear
  • Appropriate clothing (if its cold, its going to be really cold in the buggys.  Rug up and protect yourself)
  • Camera & or Phone (we will remind you to secure all loose items as we bump around a lot)
  • Snacks for the various breaks that we have to enjoy the scenery


Tharwa Drive, Tharwa. We are located 2.5kms from the Knoke Avenue Roundabout heading south towards Tharwa. (before the bridge you cant miss us 😊)(show on map) Embed map

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