About Aussie Buggy Adventures

Ready to get dirty?
You might be able to wipe the dirt off, but just try wiping your smile off after an epic thrill ride with us! Aussie Buggy Adventures is an offroad buggy tour company located within the Australian Capital Territory. This is an experience like no other close by. Our natural playground is located on a 3500-acre property in Tharwa with over 200 metres of elevation change.

Traverse the hills and valleys in a Polaris RZR570, which is super easy to drive and fitted with two seats. All buggies have a half windscreen so you’ll be partially protected from the elements while still being able to feel the wind whip through your (helmet) hair. Automatic transmission means you simply put them into drive and away you go. We’ll give you a lesson before you start. Our passion for offroad buggies adventures is contagious, so be prepared to become hooked on the adrenalin. Experienced guide Tim knows more than most about offroad buggies. A racer of offroad buggies in the Dewalt Australian SXS Championship, Tim is ready to convert the next breed of offroad thrill seekers!

Meet the Team

Meet Tim Liston – Tour Director

Tim is an experienced outdoorsman. He knows a thing or two about off-road pursuits as a regular mountain bike rider, dirt motorcyclist and well-respected competitor in numerous vehicle races. In the exciting off-road racing series of the Australian SxS Championship, Tim has successfully competed against an Australian off-road and enduro motorcycle racing world champion and past Australian Rally champions.

As Business Director and Senior Tour ‘Buggy’ Guide, Tim has designed our unique course to take in the scenic landscape while testing driver skills in the rugged terrain. With his competence in buggy driving at all levels, Tim guides visitors on the performance and handling capabilities of our buggies to ensure an adventurous and safe experience. Tim will be there to provide a detailed briefing for all Aussie Buggy Adventures drivers.


  • You guys are amazing! My husband and 3 boys had so much fun! They can’t wait to do it again!
    A massive thank you to the man (I’m regretting not getting his name!) who put my son at ease when he was upset by being super nervous and unsure about the hair net/helmet but also didn’t want to miss out. He made him feel comfortable without putting pressure on him and even checked in on him for fist bumps when the tour was over.
    Thanks for a fantastic day!

    Deb C

    Dirty Thirty
  • Had an awesome time on the dirty 30. will be going again for sure

    Mark B

    Dirty Thirty
  • First time driving a Buggy and it was awesome! Can’t wait to go back and try King of the Hill!

    Catherine K

    Mighty Ninety
  • 100% recommend Aussie Buggy Adventures was one of the best experiences ever, love doing it in the rain.. sliding in the mud was the best 🙂

    Jess C

    King of the Hill
  • Had a dirty thirty and they’re not wrong, I’m filthy and loved every minute of it. Will be going back for sure for a longer ride.

    Justin D

    Dirty Thirty
  • Went out today and had an absolute blast, the guys out there were great and really looked after us, will definitely be going back again… soon

    Peter A

    Mighty Ninety
  • was a great morning on the dirty 30 tour and then a hot lap with Simon Evans. highly recommend it

    Shayne M

    Dirty Thirty
  • My partner and I recently went on the 1.5hr track for his birthday. Had the best day! 🙂 It was great that we were able to stop and look at the views

    Suzanne C

    Mighty Ninety
  • this was an amazing morning!!!!!!
    awesome highly recommend it to any one we will be back

    Cass A

    Dirty Thirty
  • we had so much fun at the open day! great staff great location! finally something fun and outdoors in Canberra 💚

    Jody C

    Dirty Thirty
  • Awesome team, great location and the buggy’s are so much fun. I can’t recommend these guys enough!

    Belinda M

    Dirty Thirty
  • My kids and I had a ball. Best fun we had in long time. People are really nice helpful 10 out of 10 tyre tracks

    Adam F

    Dirty Thirty


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